10 Jan

My best face of 2012.DSC_0102 new

Photo Challenge Submission


Hi, Henry!

2 Jan

Another newborn! Henry enjoyed sleeping all day long.  Until, of course, the day we wanted him to sleep for pictures.  Poor little guy was so tired, but didn’t want to miss anything.


DSC_0146 copyDSC_0089Finally, sleep won out.

DSC_0064 DSC_0077
DSC_0114 DSC_0131 DSC_0137
Welcome to the world, Henry.  You’ve got a great big sister to show you the way!

New Baby

21 Dec

I have met so many people through adoption, but I have been friends with this great mom for years before either of us started our adoption journeys.  Yet, after MUCH waiting for both of us, we both brought home kids in 2012.  This little one was born in early November and after a long road trip to get her, they arrived home in time for some holiday photos.  She was an absolute angel during the shoot, even cooperating with several smiles for me.

DSC_0068 2





DSC_0308 copy

DSC_0210 2 copy copyAnd this may be my favorite photo that I’ve ever taken:

DSC_0234 copyCongratulations to the proud parents.  I’m so excited for you!



Lifestyle Photography with Kids

8 Nov

I just finished up an awesome class through Clickin Moms.  Here are a few of my favorites from the class.



Meet Finleigh

21 Sep

I got the chance to take some pictures of another new arrival…welcome to the world Finleigh!  These were taken on her second day at home, after spending a little while in the NICU.

Here’s her great family:

Here are some of the little (and by little, I mean preemie little) sweetheart:

And here’s some of her with her awesome big sister, Ella:


24 Jul

These two beautiful girls were adopted through the same agency as our kids.  We got to know their mom before our kids home, and she has given us some great advice.  It’s great to have someone local who can help you connect to the (very small) Ethiopian community in our small town.  And the girls are absolutely gorgeous.  So, I loved this shoot.

My Own Girls

8 Jul

I had a maternity shoot set up for this morning, but it fell through at the last minute.  Since I had my camera all ready, I tortured my girls by making them get dressed up and spend some time in front of the lens.  Here’s what I got: